RKP Signature Pork Rub–Printable Version

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RKP Signature Pork Rub


(Makes enough for a 3.5-lb pork roast)

ONE PART EACH (1/2 teaspoon):

-ground mustard

-red cayenne pepper

-ground black pepper

-rubbed sage

-ground cinnamon

TWO PARTS EACH (1 teaspoon):

-onion powder

-chili powder

-ground paprika

FOUR PARTS (2 teaspoons):

-table salt


-well-packed brown sugar


This seasoning recipe can be doubled, tripled, halved–whatever you need. You can fill a Mason jar with it to keep around the kitchen, or whip it up from scratch each time.

For a 3.5-lb. cut of pork, use a scale of 1/2 teaspoon = 1 part. I will include the scaled measurements for making a one-roast-sized batch in (parenthesis) following the “parts” measurements just so it’s easy to keep on track.

Begin by adding all ingredients to a wide-mouthed bowl. Stick your fingers in the bowl and scoop-mix the ingredients together until they form a uniform, dense mixture that crumbles easily to the touch but sticks together when scooped. This is most excellent packing texture.

If necessary, pat-dry any excess moisture from raw pork before you begin. Using fingers, begin packing rub mixture onto meat, being sure to work mixture into any small cuts or “flaps” in the raw meat.

If possible, let rubbed meat stand overnight in refrigerator.

*I also use this rub on pork roasts, so it is very easy to rub the roast after dinner one evening, stick it in a covered Crock Pot insert in the fridge all night, and then pop it into the slow-cooker in the morning. Dee-lish! You don’t even have to add a drop of water or liquid–just a dry rubbed roast in the Crock Pot does the trick just fine.


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