Chicken Frisco Melt a la Steak ‘n Shake–Printable Version

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Chicken Frisco Melt a la Steak ‘n Shake

(Makes 2 large sandwiches)



-4 slices sourdough or white bread

-2 pieces Swiss cheese

-4 slices bacon

-4 thin-sliced chicken breast halves (or 2 regular chicken breasts pounded thin)

-Small amount of chicken marinade or Italian dressing (optional)

-2 slices tomato

-About 3 tablespoons Catalina or Creamy French Dressing (this is the tangy Frisco Sauce)


Begin by coating a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray and setting over MEDIUM heat. Butter BOTH SIDES of four pieces of sourdough or white bread and arrange flat in warm skillet. Flip as needed until both sides of bread slices are evenly browned. Remove bread to plate but leave skillet on MEDIUM heat.

While bread is warm, lay a piece of cheese across 2 of the pieces of bread and cover with the other 2 warm slices. Do not press down or flatten toast over cheese; you don’t want cheese to stick to the top pieces but rather just start warming up from being stored in the refrigerator.

Next, begin heating bacon (either in a small skillet, or in a microwave like I do). While bacon cooks, mix chicken breasts with marinade if desired, or simply melt butter into hot skillet. Immediately transfer chicken to skillet, pressing breasts flat with the back of a spatula or a grill press, if you have one.

Sear the thin breast pieces about 3 minutes per side, or until thoroughly cooked. Remove hot chicken and bacon from heat. Cut 2 thin tomato slices.

Remove the top bread slices from over the cheese, which should now be warmed. Tear bacon into halves and place over the cheese.

Add a slice of tomato over the bacon on each sandwich, top with a chicken breast (or 2 small pieces if using the thin sliced portions) and drizzle Catalina or Creamy French dressing over the chicken. Finish with remaining toasted bread and serve immediately.


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