Homemade Vanilla Sugar–Printable Version

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Homemade Vanilla Sugar


-1 whole vanilla bean

-4 to 4-1/2 cups granulated white sugar

-Mason jars/lids or large canister


Begin by harvesting the raw vanilla. Slice the bean lengthwise, unrolling the sides, and scrape the inside matter out with a short, serrated knife.After scraping the bean, the vanilla will probably still be in small chunks. That’s okay, because it will disperse into tiny bits once it’s put into the granulated sugar.Pour 4 to 4-1/2 cups granulated white sugar into a large measuring cup or lipped bowl. Add the vanilla scrapings to the sugar. If any tidbits are sticking to your knife, you can easily dip the knife into the sugar and out again to remove them.

Once all of the vanilla has been transferred to the sugar, either mix it well with a spoon, or place the sugar mixture into a blender and turn it on to create a finer sugar blend. Make sure any little chunks of bean skin are removed.If a pocket of vanilla doesn’t blend out completely, you can use your fingers to crush it into the sugar. It’s okay if a few small bits don’t break down all the way, as long as they won’t be a problem in whatever you’re making out of the sugar later.Once the vanilla has been incorporated into the sugar, you can either pour the sugar into a large canister to store (in which case you can always throw the whole vanilla rind on top to add extra flavor during the “curing” period), or divide the sugar into smaller Mason jars.If using small jars, make sure to tap down the sugar as you transfer it to reduce the amount of settling that will occur during the curing process.Tightly cover each container. Allow to cure by storing undisturbed for at least 2 weeks before opening or using.


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