Cheesy Skroodles–Printable Version

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Cheesy Skroodles


-Water, salted

-12 oz. package twirl rotini pasta

-8-9 slices American cheese

-3/4 cup milk

-Salt/pepper to taste


Begin by filling a large pot with water and place over medium-high heat. If you like, you can add a small amount of oil or butter to the pasta to prevent sticking, but if your pan is teflon or nonstick, it’s probably not necessary.

Add some salt to the water, fill the pot about 3/4 of the way full, and cook rotini (skroodles) according to the times on the back of the package.

While the pasta is boiling, Unwrap about 8 or 9 slices of cheese, making sure each one is “collated” (stacked off-center) so you can quickly grab them one at a time when the pasta is ready.

Once pasta is tender, turn off burner and drain water. Begin adding slices of cheese two-at-a-time, stirring between each addition. Once all cheese has been incorporated, begin adding milk to the pot and stir until the mixture becomes creamy.

Add salt and pepper to taste; serve immediately


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