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The Great Dinner Party Giveaway!

9 Dec

Hooray, hooray!

The great folks over at Lifetime Brands have decided to have another fun dinnerware giveaway just for you lovely readers here at RKP. In celebration of their newest website launch, The Great Dinner Party, one lucky Red Kitchen guest will be enjoying the holidays with a fancy new 16-piece dinner service and bonus hostess set from Pfaltzgraff. Whee!!!

What’s this, you say?

So what’s The Great Dinner Party all about, you ask? Basically, it’s like one giant online scrapbook of every fancy meal anybody has taken photos of and posted! And it’s growing every day with more and more table decor ideas. Sponsored by Mikasa, photos of any and all brands, patterns or themes are welcomed and admired at TGDP, just as it should be. BTW, here’s a link to my favorite page. (Of course.) 🙂 So click on over there and see what I mean! (Don’t worry; I’ll still be waiting here for you when you get done drooling at all of those beautiful photos. Promise.)

Start the New Year with new dinnerware!

The Prize:

If you’ve been holding out for some really beautiful china since our last Pfaltzgraff giveaway, now’s your chance to throw your hat into the ring again! Once again, our contest features the beautiful Pistoulet pattern designed by (my personal hero) artist/author Jana Kolpen.This time, our giveaway will come from the blue Pistoulet palette. (You can click here to browse the ever-expanding line of available products from Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet. )

I couldn’t choose when I picked out my kitchen china back in 2003, so I actually have both the salmon and blue sets in my kitchen (four settings of each), and I have to say how much I love the little green salad plates that come with the blue set. I use them for everything! (As evident by the many, many snapshots of them holding yummy recipe creations all over this website.)

In addition to four beautiful place settings, the winner will receive the matching Pistoulet covered sugar bowl, cream pitcher and covered butter dish. Just because we know you’ll be dying for them. 🙂

We’ve got the rest of your tabletop covered, too!

This would make for a fantastic starter set, or a great excuse to update those old dishes in the cabinet, or even serve as an inspiration to redecorate your kitchen!

And the best news is yet to come: you can enter this contest multiple times! Hooray! (You know I wouldn’t hold out on you like that.)

So How Do I Enter??? 

There are several ways to enter, and you can enter as many ways as you like:

1.) Head over to Facebook and “Like” both The Spirit of Pistoulet (www.facebook.com/thespiritofpistoulet) AND Pfaltzgraff (www.facebook.com/pfaltzgraffdinnerware) and write on both walls that you are “Visiting from the Red Kitchen Project.” Stop back to this Red Kitchen post and comment to let me know you liked both pages to be entered!

2.) If you are already a fan of both pages, you can still enter by writing why you want to win Pistoulet on both walls, followed by “Visiting from RKP” and comment here to let me know you did so.

My son, Jamie, leaving cookies for Santa in December 2009 atop a Pistoulet green salad plate. (Insert your child's face here! Haha.) 🙂

3.) Share “The Great Dinner Party” and “The Red Kitchen Project” websites with your friends on your Facebook wall and come back here to comment that you did so!

4.) Bonus Entry: Upload a photo of your beautifully set table (Thanksgiving, dinner party, Christmas, etc.) at www.TheGreatDinnerParty.com and stop back by the Red Kitchen Project to comment that you’ve done so. Important: When you upload your table photo, select “The Red Kitchen Project” in the “Sponsored By” drop-down menu in Step 1 of the table upload page.

*Remember, The Great Dinner Party is not only a great website for showing off your creative table spreads, it’s also a fantastic resource for getting new ideas for your next entertaining event, large or small!

Good luck! The winner will be selected by the Random Number Generator and remember, this contest closes at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Central Time on December 16th! Note: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Disclosure Statement: I, Gracie Ritter, am not an employee of Pfaltzgraff or Lifetime Brands, Inc, nor is the Red Kitchen Project a brand affiliate. I occasionally receive items from Pfaltzgraff/Lifetime Brands for my review (at no cost) and as prize awards for RKP contests. The opinions reflected at the Red Kitchen Project are my own personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Pfaltzgraff/Lifetime Brands.



Misto Contest Winner!

30 Jul

Thanks to everyone who entered the Misto contest this week here at RKP. Sadly, though, there can be only one winner. As per usual, I used a random selection to find out where I’m sending this Misto Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Oil Bottle Sprayer (see video gadget demonstration of Misto by clicking here), and:

Photo courtesy of Lifetime Brands.

Congratulations go to…………(Chevy Chase drumroll here)…………

Natalie Fitch! Come on down! Here was Natalie’s post comment which won the drawing :

Natalie Fitch July 28, 2010 at 5:50 PM Edit #

I would love to try the Misto sprayer with steak/ chicken fajitas. I love them in restaurants and home but they are always so greasy. I would love to be able to get tender meat without all the oil and it would be great for the peppers and onions too. May even be able to make my absolute fave fajita quesadillas.

Thanks for entering, Natalie, and be sure to email me at redkitchenproject@gmail.com with your address so I can stick this right in the mail to you! Hope you make some rockin’ healthy fajitas with the Misto–and feel free to send me photos of them to post, along with your recipe! 🙂

(Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in the Misto, you can order them easily online through Pfaltzgraff or Amazon. You can also become a fan of Lifetime Brands on Facebook by clicking here.)

Thanks again for the great comments, everyone–I have lots of great new cooking ideas now! Enjoy the weekend!

Happy Birthday to the Red Kitchen Project, Misto Product Review + Free Gourmet Sprayer Contest!

27 Jul

I looked at the calendar last week and thought, “How can it possibly have been a year already since I started this little project?”

Me: one year, a few grey hairs, and many new recipes later!

But come August 1st, I’ll be celebrating RKP’s first anniversary, and I’m here to tell you, I’m thankful for this website. And for all of you. 🙂 I constantly get to hear from interesting people all over the world, and it’s an inspiration to see the recipe archives grow, knowing all of these recipes are now battle plans in the eating-cheaply arsenal!

In keeping with this celebratory post, I’m announcing another kitchen giveaway! That’s right–from now through Friday (the 30th), you can enter to win your very own Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer.

And if I’m giving one away, I may as well review one myself! (Many thanks to Lisa at Lifetime Brands for providing The Red Kitchen with these cool freebie gadgets, by the way!) Here goes:

The Misto Gourmet Oil Bottle Sprayer from Lifetime Brands is a handy little doodad designed to lighten up your cooking and eating by reducing the amount of oil used in recipes and snacks into a fine spray mist, coating your food more evenly and thereby eliminating the need to “dip” or “pour” oil on items that don’t really need that much grease. And starting at $9.99, you can’t beat the price when you think about all of the empty spray cans of PAM you’ve probably thrown away. (See? Your waist will love you, and now the environment will, too!)

Photo courtesy of Lifetime Brands.

I’ve been trying to center more of my recipes these days around healthier options, so I decided to try it out on some lean steaks. For kicks and giggles, I also replaced buttered corn with grilled corn on the cob misted with olive oil–but I didn’t even get to photograph any of the vegetables before they were gobbled up! Honestly, I’m through smothering corn in butter, margarine, Parkay spread, or anything else thick and yellow! The olive oil, with a shake or two of salt, was just right–not too greasy, not too dry, not too bland–frankly, it was perfect.

Filling Misto with oil.

Easy to fill.

Getting back to the steaks, I purchased some ultra-lean but ultra-tough flank steaks on manager’s special at my local meat counter. Normally, I would soak/marinate the tough steaks during the day before firing up the grill at night. This time, I decided to see how a little bit of misting would speed up the process.

Two identical half-pound steaks.

One steak was scored with a knife and then brushed with about a Tablespoon (= 3 teaspoons) of olive oil to make sure I didn’t miss any nooks or crannies.

Score tough steaks with a serrated knife before marinating to tenderize the meat.

The other steak was scored identically, but oiled using only the Misto. (I might have used 1/2 teaspoon, tops, on the entire steak.) The sprayer, which you fill halfway with liquid and then “pump” about ten times before pressing the spray nozzle, really allowed me to get into the scored sections and marinate the center of the tough steak without the whole thing dripping with oil or making a mess.

Pump and spray.

I then sprinkled the two steaks equally with my usual beef flavorings–onion powder, salt, pepper and paprika–and set them both out there on the heated barbecue grill.

About 13-15 minutes later, I scooped them up, brought them in, sliced them up, and definitely knew which one I wanted to claim as mine!

The steak that had been brushed with oil was still dripping with grease. Two of the corners had also hardened into tough little points.

The steak that had been Misto-sprayed was juicy (but not greasy), evenly cooked (no hardened edges), and more easily sliced as a result. Just look and see for yourself:

Steak #1: Brushed with 1 Tablespoon olive oil

Steak #2: Misted with 1/2 teaspoon olive oil.

See how pasty the outside of the first steak looks? No matter how hard I attacked the scorings with a thick basting brush, I couldn’t seem to get the oil to penetrate the outside of the raw meat. When I sprayed the second steak, all I had to do was press the meat away from each incision using the knife, and then point the nozzle of the spray bottle downward into the score marks.

As if that weren’t enough proof, I of course followed with a taste-test of each steak. While both admittedly would have benefited from being marinated all day, the brushed-oil steak was much tougher and chewier than I’d expected versus the sprayed steak.

To be honest, it was actually my goal with this experiment just to find out if the sprayed steak would be AS tender as the brushed steak. I wanted to find out if my tastes would suffer by using less oil in preparation. Turns out, my tastes were suffering BEFORE I switched to the Misto. That 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil in mist form was able to get into places a whole Tablespoon of oil could never be brushed into.

Who knew?

I look forward in the coming weeks to trying out other new ways of using the Misto to reduce my daily fat/grease/oil intake. But I’m going to need your help, which is where the contest comes in.

To enter to win your very own Misto Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Oil Bottle Sprayer, leave a comment on this post telling me what recipe you’d most like to reduce the fat in using a Misto. One entry per person, please. Contest ends at 12:00 pm (noon) CST on Friday, July 30th. Winner will be announced Friday afternoon.

In the meantime, visit the Misto page on Pfaltzgraff’s website or You Tube to watch a video demonstrating the Misto.

P.S.–You can also order an engraved, personalized Misto sprayer starting at only $14.99–treat all the cooks in your life to a cool gadget and healthier cooking!

Contest Giveaway: “The Secrets of Pistoulet” Enchanted Cookbook!

2 Nov

Want to win this book? It's easy!

In honor of site traffic being up a whopping SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) during the month of October, I’ve decided to take my inspiration from author/designer Jana Kolpen’s recent benevolence to this site and pay it forward!

Starting now and ending Wednesday (Nov. 4) at 12:00 NOON (CST), you can enter to win your very own copy of the magical cookbook that started it all and inspired this very website!

If you’re a regular guest of the Red Kitchen, you’ve probably already seen at least one of my “Pistoulet posts.” But, if you haven’t, and are interested in learning more about this line of curious cookbooks and matching Pfatlzgraff china patterns, you can find more links at the end of this post.

And now for the official contest rules and information:

To enter for your chance to win a copy of The Secrets of Pistoulet, all you need to do is enter a comment on this post answering the question: “What is the most magical thing you’ve ever eaten?”

“Magical” may mean that you had a wonderful, unrelated moment WHILE eating the aforementioned food, or it may mean that something tasted so perfectly delicious it seemed like it must have CONTAINED a magical ingredient, or it MIGHT even mean that while you were eating this food, you felt as though you’d been instantly cured, comforted or otherwise mysteriously altered while consuming its powerful qualities.

This is a contest purely for having fun, for reminiscing, for thinking like a fairy tale, and for finding new inspirations along the quest for the perfect tabletop on a dime. So please, do share your story or memory!!

Have fun with this one, everybody, and be sure to post your comment to enter to win this delightful book! Winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon, so be sure to check back!

To view the Red Kitchen product feature of The Secrets of Pistoulet Pfaltzgraff line, click here.

To view the Red Kitchen feature on author/designer Jana Kolpen, click here.

To read more about Jana’s books, click here.

To view the Pistoulet Pfaltzgraff line, click here.

To visit the “vine-covered website” of Jana Kolpen, click here.



Let the landscape of Pistoulet inspire your cuisine...AND thoughts!

Giveaway Contest and Ingredient Challenge!

1 Oct
This is the niftiest reference guide! I learn something every time I open it!

This is the niftiest reference guide! I learn something every time I open it!

In honor of doubling the Red Kitchen Project’s site traffic in Month 2 (September), I’m proud to announce today’s post is a contest!

Since autumn’s coming on strong and it’s time to harvest and dry your garden edibles for winter use, I decided to choose a prize that inspires that deep down herbalist in all of us!

The prize is this lovely copy of The Herb and Spice Companion. It’s chock full of information on every herb you can think of, from origin to growth habit to common uses, plus lots of trivia.

This is a handy (and very attractive, I might add!) reference guide to keep on the shelf both for gardening and cooking purposes. Every entry has beautiful photos and easy-to-spot headings, making it perfect for both quick look-ups and leisurely perusals alike.

All you have to do to enter this contest is write in the comment section of this post what ingredient you’d like to see me use in a recipe over the weekend. (Ingredient must be widely available at grocery stores, as per usual RKP recipe rules!)

Judge Jamie (pictured wearing his Mardi Gras beads and holding a giant sack of candy. Apparently, this judge can be bribed...)

Judge Jamie (pictured wearing his Mardi Gras beads and holding a giant sack of candy. Apparently, this judge can be bribed...)

All entries (comments) must be in by noon CST tomorrow (Friday the 2nd). Entrant names and ingredients will be written on popsicle sticks and drawn from a box. (High-tech. That’s how I roll.)

Winner will be chosen at random by my two-year-old, Jamie (I cannot think of any method that could possibly be more random than Jamie’s brain), and announced by the end of the day Monday along with a recipe post of whatever mystery ingredient I have to use!

If you are the winner, please respond by Friday the 9th to claim your prize!

Happy harvesting, and good luck in the contest!!