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Cheap Recipe: Coca-Cola Fudge Cake (a la Cracker Barrel)

31 Jan

For a text-only version of this recipe and complete ingredients listing, click here.

An American Institution. With powdered sugar on top. 🙂

Coca-Cola has bragged for decades that their soft drink makes this chocolate cake the moistest of its kind. Actually, I’m betting it’s the half pound of butter in the batter, but who cares? It’s still delicious, and a bit of an American institution. And who doesn’t go for a chocolate bundt cake?

Actually, I spent years afraid of making chocolate cakes — particularly the long-baking bundt variety — because I was always afraid of burning them. It’s hard to tell when the edges are scorching against such a dark (rich!) background, but there’s an easy trick to making a perfectly baked chocolate cake. Read on! Continue reading