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The Great Dinner Party Giveaway!

9 Dec

Hooray, hooray!

The great folks over at Lifetime Brands have decided to have another fun dinnerware giveaway just for you lovely readers here at RKP. In celebration of their newest website launch, The Great Dinner Party, one lucky Red Kitchen guest will be enjoying the holidays with a fancy new 16-piece dinner service and bonus hostess set from Pfaltzgraff. Whee!!!

What’s this, you say?

So what’s The Great Dinner Party all about, you ask? Basically, it’s like one giant online scrapbook of every fancy meal anybody has taken photos of and posted! And it’s growing every day with more and more table decor ideas. Sponsored by Mikasa, photos of any and all brands, patterns or themes are welcomed and admired at TGDP, just as it should be. BTW, here’s a link to my favorite page. (Of course.) 🙂 So click on over there and see what I mean! (Don’t worry; I’ll still be waiting here for you when you get done drooling at all of those beautiful photos. Promise.)

Start the New Year with new dinnerware!

The Prize:

If you’ve been holding out for some really beautiful china since our last Pfaltzgraff giveaway, now’s your chance to throw your hat into the ring again! Once again, our contest features the beautiful Pistoulet pattern designed by (my personal hero) artist/author Jana Kolpen.This time, our giveaway will come from the blue Pistoulet palette. (You can click here to browse the ever-expanding line of available products from Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet. )

I couldn’t choose when I picked out my kitchen china back in 2003, so I actually have both the salmon and blue sets in my kitchen (four settings of each), and I have to say how much I love the little green salad plates that come with the blue set. I use them for everything! (As evident by the many, many snapshots of them holding yummy recipe creations all over this website.)

In addition to four beautiful place settings, the winner will receive the matching Pistoulet covered sugar bowl, cream pitcher and covered butter dish. Just because we know you’ll be dying for them. 🙂

We’ve got the rest of your tabletop covered, too!

This would make for a fantastic starter set, or a great excuse to update those old dishes in the cabinet, or even serve as an inspiration to redecorate your kitchen!

And the best news is yet to come: you can enter this contest multiple times! Hooray! (You know I wouldn’t hold out on you like that.)

So How Do I Enter??? 

There are several ways to enter, and you can enter as many ways as you like:

1.) Head over to Facebook and “Like” both The Spirit of Pistoulet (www.facebook.com/thespiritofpistoulet) AND Pfaltzgraff (www.facebook.com/pfaltzgraffdinnerware) and write on both walls that you are “Visiting from the Red Kitchen Project.” Stop back to this Red Kitchen post and comment to let me know you liked both pages to be entered!

2.) If you are already a fan of both pages, you can still enter by writing why you want to win Pistoulet on both walls, followed by “Visiting from RKP” and comment here to let me know you did so.

My son, Jamie, leaving cookies for Santa in December 2009 atop a Pistoulet green salad plate. (Insert your child's face here! Haha.) 🙂

3.) Share “The Great Dinner Party” and “The Red Kitchen Project” websites with your friends on your Facebook wall and come back here to comment that you did so!

4.) Bonus Entry: Upload a photo of your beautifully set table (Thanksgiving, dinner party, Christmas, etc.) at www.TheGreatDinnerParty.com and stop back by the Red Kitchen Project to comment that you’ve done so. Important: When you upload your table photo, select “The Red Kitchen Project” in the “Sponsored By” drop-down menu in Step 1 of the table upload page.

*Remember, The Great Dinner Party is not only a great website for showing off your creative table spreads, it’s also a fantastic resource for getting new ideas for your next entertaining event, large or small!

Good luck! The winner will be selected by the Random Number Generator and remember, this contest closes at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Central Time on December 16th! Note: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Disclosure Statement: I, Gracie Ritter, am not an employee of Pfaltzgraff or Lifetime Brands, Inc, nor is the Red Kitchen Project a brand affiliate. I occasionally receive items from Pfaltzgraff/Lifetime Brands for my review (at no cost) and as prize awards for RKP contests. The opinions reflected at the Red Kitchen Project are my own personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Pfaltzgraff/Lifetime Brands.



Exclusive Giveaway: FREE Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet china service for EIGHT to one lucky RKP reader!

1 Jun

Service for 8 in this beautiful pattern can be yours! Enter now! (Photo courtesy of Pfaltzgraff.com)

Howdy, folks!!

Gracie here, happy to announce that one lucky Red Kitchen Project reader will soon be winning FREE Pfaltzgraff china, in the form of service for EIGHT (you heard me!) in the very beautiful Pistoulet pattern, designed by artist Jana Kolpen and used daily in the recipe photos here in my Red Kitchen.

In celebration of the wonderful friendship with Ms. Kolpen that this website has serendipitously blessed me with, Pfaltzgraff is honoring this star-struck kitchen hostess by letting me award one lucky RKP reader with an all-inclusive, 40-piece, GORGEOUS Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet dining service for eight.

In other words, if you didn’t already have a set of “good china” for entertaining on special occasions, you certainly will now! (Although I consider EVERY meal a special occasion, and eat off of my fancy Pistoulet every single day!)

Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet place setting

Picture this...EIGHT TIMES! In your very own dining room! Hooray! (Photo courtesy of Pfaltzgraff.com)

Or maybe you are a young person visiting this site to learn techniques for saving money on the kitchen budget before you move out on your own after college? Well, win this prize and you just stocked yourself a beautiful dining room of china straight in the door! 🙂

Maybe you are a newlywed who didn’t get any of the china you registered for? Batta bing! You’re all set!

Whatever the reason may be, I can’t believe many who read this will turn down entering when you read how easy and simple it is to win!

There are three different ways to enter, so you can increase your odds with each entry! Limit 7 entries per person, as broken down per method below. Here’s how to enter:

your RKP hostess


1.) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to win this china set.

Good for one entry. Additional response or followup comments do not result in additional entries, but are quite welcome anyway!

2.) Subscribe to this blog. Good for one entry. It’s free, it’s super easy (see widget on the righthand side of the page, or comment if you’re having trouble finding it), and there’s absolutely no risk. You will NEVER receive a single bit of junk mail or spam as a result of subscribing to the Red Kitchen Project; just a quick, happy little email each time a post/recipe is published on the RKP site, letting you know what that day’s post is about, so you know if you’re interested in checking it out. You can unsubscribe at any time just as easily as you signed up (or email me the request and I’ll remove you from the list if you prefer, no questions asked.) How handy is that? Just click on the subscription widget, enter your email address and confirm your subscription! (Current subscribers will automatically receive one entry per person for this method!)


Mademoiselle J.


3.) Get a friend to subscribe along with you! Limit 5 additional entries, and please be honest and don’t sign up for fake hotmail or gmail accounts to get additional entries. The entire point of this contest is friendship, goodwill and happiness, so please don’t ruin it! For every friend who subscribes to this blog at your recommendation, not only will you receive an additional entry for yourself, but that person will automatically be entered once as well (see #2 above) and thus eligible to earn additional entries as described here.

To receive “credit” for your subscribers (your additional contest entries), email me the names/emails of each subscriber referred by you OR have the subscriber email me himself/herself naming you as the referral. Send emails to: redkitchenproject@gmail.com before the contest deadline for eligibility.

Contest ends Wednesday, June 9th at 12:00 pm (noon) US central time. Prize can be shipped to US residence only. Contest sponsored by Pfaltzgraff (a division of Lifetime Brands, Inc.) and brought to you by Jana Kolpen, author of The Secrets of Pistoulet.

Good luck!


Reverse Fan Mail at the Red Kitchen!

22 Oct
This made my day, my week, my month...

This little note just made my day, my week, my month...

A few weeks ago I posted that I had sent some fan mail to my favorite

The Secrets of Pistoulet.

The Secrets of Pistoulet.

 cookbook author and china designer, Jana Kolpen, and actually gotten an email reply which excited me to no end.

Imagine my glee when a package showed up on my doorstep last week containing gifts from the benevolent Mademoiselle J herself!

I was having the worst day, and this showed up just


An autographed dish! (See the flip side of this dish further below.)

when I needed it most, in the typical fashion of Pistoulet miracles. 🙂

Inside the package was: a sweet note from Ms. Kolpen about this website, an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of her first book, The Secrets of Pistoulet, and…(drumroll)…an actual SIGNED piece of china from the Pistoulet line that I didn’t already have but had been drooling over on Pfaltzgraff’s website ever since it hit stores!



Needless to say, I did a little dance of joy when I unwrapped my gifts. I was speechless! What a sweet, sweet person Jana Kolpen is! I would have been thrilled beyond words just with her sweet note, and yet she sent me a whole package of delightful gifts!

She’s a famous lady, and could just ignore fan mail if she wanted to, or send a stock reply back and be done with it, but no! She is an encourager to her innermost core, and her wonderful gift to me was just exactly like something out of one her books, which are all about random acts of love

Hidden notes and recipes inside the pages of Pistoulet.

Hidden notes and recipes inside the pages of Pistoulet.

and kindness–particularly her third and latest cookbook, Circle of Kindness, which is

Pretty pages.

Pretty pages.

 set in Ireland and is rapidly becoming my favorite of the three. (If I didn’t already have a pile of Pistoulet dinnerware, I’d be stocking my cabinets with CoK pattern pieces!)

So anyway, this post today doesn’t have much else of a point except to say what a blessing it is that there are such positive role models out there as Ms. Kolpen, and that I absolutely love finding out that someone famous is just as wonderful and classy in real life as I’d always imagined they would be.

Who could turn down a salad on this beautiful dish?

Who could turn down a salad on this beautiful dish?

I hope you’ll all have a blessed day, and be surrounded by warmth and encouragement in your own daily adventures.

 And thanks again, Ms. Kolpen, for inspiring this young cook and writer; it has made all the difference in the world!

Product Feature: The Secrets of Pistoulet by Jana Kolpen

17 Sep


What meal doesn't seem more enchanting served from this bright, cheery china pattern?
What meal doesn’t seem more enchanting served from this bright, cheery china pattern?

Okay, so I am super excited about an email I recently received from my favorite author/artist in the Universe, Ms. Jana Kolpen.

On a lark, I sent a message to Mademoiselle J’s website a couple of weeks ago to let her know I was a huge fan of her books, particularly The Secrets of Pistoulet, which has an accompanying line of Pfaltzgraff dinnerware also designed by Ms. Kolpen herself. (Actually, all three of her books have companion Pfaltzgraff patterns, a testament to the popularity of her charming art!)

The Secrets of Pistoulet is the first in a series of three “enchanted cookbooks” that read like fables and contain small surprises for the reader including letters to unfold, tiny recipe cards to discover, and beautiful vellum inlays over adorable artwork. The recipes, while delightfully simple in terms of ingredients and instruction, read something like this:

“Go to the nearest fishing port and acquire moules from the fisherman with the largest pecs and most tattoos…”

In fact, my infamous “red kitchen” began years ago with a bright red stock pot I purchased expressly to make

The contents of these canisters read like an enchanted potion recipe: "Tea of Courage," "Herbs for Magicians," and "Flour of

The contents of these canisters read like an enchanted potion recipe: "Tea of Courage," "Herbs for Magicians," and "Flour of Happiness."

 the “Potage of Passion” (tomato soup recipe from the Pistoulet cookbook) in. It was so adorable, my fascination with red cookware began and hasn’t stopped since, even with a room full of red kitchen appliances, cookware and other bric-a-brac!

Anyway, I mentioned in my message to Ms. Kolpen that I maintain a cooking blog and that because my china pattern at home is all Pistoulet pieces, her china is being photographed daily sporting creative new recipes. In addition, I wanted her to know that it was in no small part that her work gave me the inspiration and motivation to start up this whole project in the first place!

Well, I clicked “send” and went about life as usual, figuring I’d probably never hear anything back from such a busy and successful lady, but still glad that I’d written and told her what an inspiration she has been in my kitchen (and life!) over the years.

Imagine my surprise when I got a personal response from her only hours later! And, much to my amazement, she’d already taken the time to stroll through the posts on this very blog and refer to them in her email to me!

The clever Mademoiselle J has actually graced these hallowed blog pages with her presence. It gives me shivers.

So anyway, I just thought I’d take time today to brag on that a little bit because it made me so proud. Also, I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce the important “staff” of this blog that’s been doing a lot of work for me since its inception–my trusty and expansive collection of Pistoulet Pfaltzgraff dinnerware! So, in case any of you have seen a cute dish here and there underneath my cooking and wondered where I got it, well…now you know. 🙂

Sorry, these enormous oversized latte mugs are out of production now, but there are many more to choose from in the Pistoulet pattern!

Sorry, these enormous oversized latte mugs are out of production now, but there are many more to choose from in the Pistoulet pattern!

While many of the pieces in my own collection are long since retired (I had a lot more money to blow on china before Hubby and I started having kids!), Pfaltzgraff is continuing to release new pieces into the Pistoulet lineup all the time. I treasure both the new and old, although I watch the retired pieces like a hawk around our house and even have a couple of items Hubby knows are absolutely “off limits” for daily use. (See the rabbit dish on the bottom shelf in the top picture? The last one I saw on ebay was over a year ago and sold for over $300 without tags!)

Nonetheless, I’m one of those “serve-every-meal-on-the-good-china” type of people, so most of the Pistoulet remains in our daily lineup. I sold off my every-day Fiestaware years ago to my Homer Laughlin-collecting sister-in-law, and have made every meal since feel like a special occasion presented on my trusty Pistoulet. And truly, every meal served on it has been special.

To see the full expanse of Pistoulet chinaware pieces currently available from Pfaltzgraff, click here.

To get a copy of The Secrets of Pistoulet, click here.

To marvel at the “vine-covered website of Jana Kolpen,” click here.

Have a blessed day everyone, go cook something magical, and a here’s special hug to Ms. Kolpen for humoring a silly fan like me…