I laughed till I peed. But don’t tell anyone that last part.

9 Mar

So, no recipe post today because I am a huge slacker. Or maybe because it’s Ash Wednesday and I don’t want emaciated Catholics to be mad at me. You choose. Meanwhile, I felt it necessary to present a few little nuggets of humor you may have missed on this newfangled Internet machine thing.

You’re welcome. In advance. Because in a few minutes you’ll be gasping for air and trying not to snort loudly enough for your coworkers to hear you.

That’s right. I know you’re at work. I know everything. “Wooooooo-wooooooooooaaah!”

(That was supposed to look like a spooky noise. I’m sorry it didn’t look spookier than that in the end.)

Anyway, I ran across this little gem of a post over at the 5 Second Rule food blog, and just had to share it. Funny, funny lady:

7 Reasons Why My Meaningless Food Blog Award is Better Than Your Meaningless Food Blog Award

Meanwhile, I located this “official” (read: extremely unofficial and involving the F-word, but only once, and worth it) website for Save-A-Lot’s “Bubba Cola,” of which I was singing praise last month. Just read this and tell me you’re not curious enough about the soda now to go out and brave the dodgy transients of the world to obtain some:

The Bubba Cola Official Homepage

And, come to think of it, while I’m sharing hilarious tidbits, this is much less food-related but had me laughing until I was crying yesterday. Seriously. A friend walked by and saw me crying and I had to fess up to why. It wasn’t cool. But this site is! Just imagine the result if The Onion decided to write a parenting manual:

Let’s Panic About Babies!

See? Told you. 🙂




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