Easy Recipe: Dressed-Up Dressing (Pecan-Mushroom Stuffing)

22 Dec

Mushrooms and pecans dress up basic storebought stuffing mix.

Grace’s sister here, offering another low-effort holiday dish.

I’m not sure this one really counts as a recipe, but it certainly beats the alternatives, which include A.) serving plain old storebought dressing, or B.) doing some actual work.

Sauteed veggies dress up instant stuffing mix.

Start by chopping a celery stalk and a small yellow onion into little pieces. Saute the celery and onion in about 2 T. butter until the onion is clear, then add half a pound of sliced mushrooms and a couple more tablespoons of butter and cook until the mushrooms start to release liquid.

Oklahoma pecans ... mmmm!

While the mushrooms cook, get out a box of storebought stuffing mix and put some water on to boil according to the package instructions. Add the cooked vegetables to the water, stir in the seasoning and croutons from the stuffing package, and remove from heat. Add a big handful of chopped pecans, stir, and let stand, covered, for five minutes or so.

Serve with the usual suspects — turkey, chicken, whatever. This won’t taste just like your mama’s stuffing, but it has enough fresh ingredients to look like real dressing, and it tastes good with turkey.


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