Slow Cooker + Microwave Bowl = “Fast Cooker”?

9 Sep

Good morning all,

I’ve been reading this article from Nikki Goldstein over at Serious Eats, and I’m REALLY intrigued by a new product on the market: The Cook-Zen Microwave Pot.

The Cook-Zen Microwave Pot

Photo courtesy of

I know the debate always exists over whether or not, taste-quality aside, cooking meats and other foods in microwave plastic is detrimental to our health and nutrition, but I’d really like to learn some more about this clever-looking little gadget that claims to have revolutionized Asian countries’ cooking methods and resources and now has its sights set on America.

“Slow-Cooked” Chili in 16 minutes? Short ribs in 13 minutes? Bouillabaisse in 9 minutes? WTH?

Seriously, please click over here and read this article ASAP, and then order the product, and then use it, and then give me a review, and possibly also a coupon, because I really want to find out more. I’ve never heard of this company, or this product, and I admit I’m a bit skeptical about possible plastic toxins or carcinogens or whatever it is that eating microwaved plastic is supposed to do to you, but the truth is, I do it all the time anyway, just in style the way owners of this gadget can, so…I figure I may as well see what the buzz is all about!


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