Low-Carb Recipe: Chicken Cordon Bleu

10 Jun

For a printable version of this recipe and complete ingredients listing, click here.

My easy, healthy spin on Chicken Cordon Bleu replaces the bread coating with flax seed, but you can easily swap in wheat germ, chopped nuts, crushed pork rinds, or any number of other low-carb options, depending on what diet you’re on and what’s available at your local discount grocery.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a glass or ceramic baking dish with nonstick coating and set aside.

Split chicken and pound flat.

Take 3 thawed, whole, boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 2 lbs.) and split each one down the middle. Separate the two sides of each split breast and lay them as flat as possible on waxed paper.

50 cents' worth of thin lunchmeat was just right.

Using a meat tenderizer or other heavy tool, pound each chicken breast as flat as uniformly possible. (I pound on the side that was split open, leaving the original outer side still attractive and smooth.) The tenderized chicken breasts should be about 3/8″ thick.

Ham, string cheese & chopped scallions.

Lay about 3 extra-thin slices of ham (I used super-cheap lunchmeat) over each chicken breast, overlapping slices as needed. If meat is not super-thin, you may just want to use 1 or 2 slices per breast.

Unwrap 6 (1-oz-each) sticks of string cheese and place 2 sticks on top of the ham slices in the center of each chicken breast. Alternatively, you could use about 1 cup shredded cheese instead, but the string cheese is much easier to keep contained as it cooks.

If you can't find flax seed, you can mash pork rinds or top with wheat germ.

Dice the green parts of 2 scallions into small pieces and sprinkle some on top of each pair of cheese sticks.

Starting at one end of the flat chicken breast (parallel to length of cheese stick), begin rolling the chicken breast around the ham/cheese/onions. Transfer to sprayed casserole dish, being sure to secure the open edge of each roll firmly underneath to prevent seeping. You can use toothpicks to secure this if you like, but I never do.

Cover before sticking in the oven.

(If you do decide to use toothpicks, it’s a good idea to count how many you put in so you remember how many to remove before you serve the chicken!)

Once chicken has been transferred to baking dish, rub a tiny amount of melted butter over them (optional) and sprinkle liberally with about 2 Tbs. flax seed or other preferred coating.

This doesn't taste like diet food.

Cover with alumnium foil; Bake covered for about 35-40 minutes. Remove foil and cook an additional 10 minutes, or until evenly cooked.

(Remember that because you pounded them flat and placed pre-cooked ham in the middle, they shouldn’t go as long as whole, solid chicken breasts.)

Asparagus makes a nice, low-carb sidecar for this recipe.


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