GREENLiteBites–Go there now!

17 May

So I’m working up the nerve to start posting low-carb ALDI/Save-A-Lot friendly recipes on here this week, but since the diet was kicked off today, I’m sad to say I didn’t make some low-carb dinner last night to post. In fact, I wanted the tempting frozen raviolis OUT of my fridge before the diet started so I wouldn’t cave–so that’s what we had. In fact, I don’t remember cooking a real recipe the whole weekend, as a matter of fact. Some weekends are just like that. (Sigh.)

Meanwhile, I still felt compelled to post today because while it’s sat over to the right in my blogroll since Day One, there’s a link I’ve been meaning to share with RKP readers: GreenLiteBites!

greenlitebites logo

GreenLiteBites is an inspiring foodie blog for people like me who in turns want to 1.) eat healthier food, 2.) please a picky husband/toddler, 3.) make things from scratch, 4.) make food quickly, and/or 5.) make cheap food. Roni Noone, the blog’s creator, is a web-savvy New England mom who started up a recipe site after her original blog, Roni’s Weigh (documenting her transformation over time after joining Weight Watchers and completely changing her lifestyle), started featuring more and more of her kitchen creations. She decided the food needed to have its own blog, and I’m so glad she did!

I’ve been reading Roni’s blog(s) for years, and I’m by no means her only fan (just look and you’ll see). In case someone out there hasn’t heard of it or never noticed my blogroll link, by all means make today your first visit! You won’t be sorry. I always come away feeling more inspired and empowered than I did going in. ALWAYS.

Note: If you’re not playing around on your computer at work on the downlow, go ahead and click on some of her podcast/video recipes. Her now-four-year-old son has been helping her do these ever since, and some of them are a real hoot. She never re-records, so what you see is what you get. I love it that way. 🙂

Now get on over there and check it out!


P.S.–For the record, Roni Noone didn’t solicit me to post all these links/reviews of her blogs. I just really like what she is doing and appreciate all of the time she has spent on it to benefit people she’s never met (like me).


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