Cheap Recipe: Skillet Pepper Steak

10 Feb

For a printable version of this recipe and complete ingredients listing, click here.

This is a great quickie recipe with lots of flavor!

Last Friday night, the family got home at 6:00 p.m. and I realized I hadn’t planned anything to make for dinner. Hubby had rented a movie, so the goal was to eat fast and hopefully get the kids to bed early so we could watch the movie.

I performed a quick “fridge scan” and found that I had some cheap steaks in the freezer that could be microwave-thawed, and half of a green pepper in the crisper drawer that was looking a bit dodgy.

In the blink of an eye (well, if it takes about ten minutes for you to blink, that is) Skillet Pepper Steak was piping hot, delicious, and on our dinner table. Crisis averted without calling Domino’s!

Thaw some cheap steaks in the microwave...

 Begin by warming 2 tablespoons cooking oil in a large, deep skillet over medium-high heat. Take two cheap, thawed steaks (I think ours were top round) and make 2-3 crosswise incisions in each steak (for absorbing flavor more quickly).

A little garlic powder and pepper...

Place meat in the oiled skillet and shake a little garlic powder and black pepper over the steaks. Drizzle 2-3 tablespoons steak sauce across the meat as it cooks.

While the first sides of the steaks brown, chop half of an onion and half of a bell pepper into very fine slivers. If desired, you can also chop a handful of pepperoncinis into the mix to add some heat and sweetness to the flavor.

Flip steaks after about 3 minutes.

Flip steaks after about 3 minutes, moving them around in the oil/sauce mixture to coat evenly. (Beware: overcooking cheap skillet steaks can result in a heavy workout for your jaws when it comes time to start chewing! Keep it medium or so!)

A little bit of pepperoncini gives your veggies extra flavor.

Toss the chopped vegetables into the skillet beside the meat. After a couple of minutes sauteeing in the pan, scoop the now-tender vegetables onto the tops of the steaks and mound them.

Remove covered steaks from pan and serve immediately.

Steaks cooked in a skillet should be pink but not red in the middle after about 6-7 minutes in the pan. (Told you this was a fast recipe!)

Some steak sauce...

We served ours with a packet of cheap noodle mix. I didn’t even bother preparing an extra vegetable side dish because of all the onions and peppers involved in the steak recipe.

Start mounding the veggies on top of the steaks if they tenderize before meat is done.

The trick is to keep the vegetables from getting mushy–that’s why I don’t add them until the steaks have been flipped. That way, you’re already pretty much getting a hearty serving of vegetables with every steak. (Although I think microwave-baked potatoes might be a nice touch if you have a couple good-looking bakers on hand…)

Carmelized onions and peppers simmered in steak sauce. The perfect topping!

Not bad for two adult steak dinners in less than ten minutes for about five bucks!


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